SIENA TRUFFLES: in the heart of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany

From love for the earth and for its extraordinary products born SIENA TRUFFLES, a small but lovely shop of typical products based on truffles, opened right in the heart of Siena, on the corner of Piazza del Campo, the heart of Tuscany's most charming . After 15 years of passion for truffles, carried out in the forests of central Italy in the company of dogs faithful and well trained, I decided to give a home to what for me was a great passion, but which for many was and is always one of the highest peaks of Italian, so famous all over the world thanks to valuable products such as truffles. From the earth to the table in short, to satisfy the most experienced demanding, from fresh product just found (whether trifola, of scorzone or the prized black) to the various sauces made with truffles, creams, truffle oil until the brandy truffle and traditional pasta, also obviously enhanced by truffle. A series of high-end products, therefore, they can enrich our tables for memorable dinners with friends or business banquets and can represent both unique and original gifts, to be matched to the most famous red wines of Tuscany.
There remains, then, that visit me in Vicolo dei Pollaioli in Siena, right corner of the beautiful Piazza del Campo. Follow the scent!

A great truffle hunting experience with GoPro camera

Truffle Hunting: a magic experience in Tuscany

Have you ever experienced the excitement of truffle hunting? Have you ever wanted to find out how to do it, where it is, how it behaves when the dog starts digging to reveal it ..? Well, with us today, you can: call us, write us an email or stop by in person to Piazza del Campo for more detailed information ... we bring in the woods around Siena to try the unique excitement of truffle hunting. It will be a unique experience, in the company of the faithful Pepita (young labrador trained to look for) and Alessandro, owner of Siena Tartufi and truffle hunter for 15 years. And at the end of the tour you can take home the precious fruit of the research and prepare a dinner with friends so unique taste and unforgettable! 

Things to do in Siena: the truffle hunting!

The truffle hunting of Siena Tartufi has been included among the 7 unique things to do in Siena!

We are very proud to have been selected by Travelmag, proud to have become in recent years an excellence of the territory: there are dozens of tourists and travelers on holiday or passing through Siena who discover and fall in love with truffle hunting, an activity different from all the others, which fascinates people and makes them a new, unique experience, bringing them to the heart of Tuscany, in contact with nature and the delicacies of the territory, for a continuous discovery, fascinating and stimulating. The enthusiasm they bring with them, returning home after these excursions, is a source of great joy and satisfaction for us.
We are waiting you too! You will see, it will be an adventure that will take you inside for a long time!
For the moment, enjoy reading.

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